Hello Octopress

I have been working on migrating my blog from Wordpress to Octopress lately, and finally the new version is live! The new setup is running via nginx on an Ubuntu VPS from DigitalOcean. This was my first time trying out nginx, and it was surprisingly simple to set up! I guess it's used more often as a reverse proxy, but for static sites (such as Octopress) it also works really well as a simple server.

Another reason for the lack of posts lately is that I am moving to Tokyo this September to start studying at Waseda University. I'll be starting my Master's studies there as part of Professor Washizaki's lab, and I couldn't be more excited about it! Needless to say, moving to the other side of the world encompasses a ton of preparations and paperwork (and the Japanese, like any other bureaucracy I guess, love their paperwork).

So, hopefully there will be more non-technical posts as well. However, I have a half-finished post I'll publish quite soon, which will complement Authentication in Single Page Applications With Angular.js with information about how the server-side is set up. I've received a lot of questions about that, so I thought a clarification might be in order.

Frederik Nakstad

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Tokyo, Japan