Token Introductory Post

I debated with myself for a little bit whether to have an introductory post or just to get started blogging. You can probably guess what I decided on in the end...

The purpose of this blog is completely for self-amusement, and is basically a means of jotting down notes for whatever it is I'm working on at the time. In the best case scenario other people will benefit from my posts, and give me feedback on better ways to solve things or simply provide interesting ideas and insight. I don't anticipate a huge flood of people wanting to read my ill-organized thoughts, but maybe I can distract the occasional straggler.

I've been working a lot with Node.js, Angular, and MongoDB lately, and I'm trying to find patterns and practices that can be reused. I will try to make some blog posts documenting whatever results I stumble upon and supplement with code examples on GitHub. I am also in the middle of studying the Japanese language so expect posts which basically are extended notes on the usage of various grammatical constructs, interesting kanji, words, and the occasional cultural revelation.

As stated earlier, this is a personal blog, so don't expect a very focused theme here; I will post about anything from cute kitty pictures to development patterns and books/music that interest me at the time. Blogging seems to me to have the potential to be a highly masturbatory and scatter-brained act, and I plan to indulge without any pretense of a more noble motive.

Anyway, stay tuned for actual content!

Frederik Nakstad

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Tokyo, Japan